Shanghai Horizon Construction development Co., Ltd. ranks the 6th in the ACCESS 50 in 2020
Release time :Jul 20 , 2020
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Shanghai Hongxin C&D ranked the 6th place in ACCESS 50 in 2020. It is  the only Chinese company in the global top 20. It is up 13 places from 2019.


In a press release issued by ACCESS 50, KHL officials spoke highly of Horizon. It have focused on the fastest growing companies in the past year. Hongxin Construction and Development Co., ltd  leading the list with a growth rate of 212.4%, making it the world's most profitable high-altitude operator in the past year.


KHL officials also believe in the press release that The Chinese market has become the world's most promising high-altitude car equipment rental market. Since this year, as the leader of the national aerial work plateform rental company,Horizon aerial work plateform has exceeded 40000 units,and constantly expanging the scale of colleagues continue to focus on equipment management and service improvement.


In the future, Horizon will continue to make efforts to break through itself, brave to meet challenges, provide customers with better products and leasing experience. It will become a "trustworthy equipment operating service provider" through action.

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