Shanghai Horizon Equipment provides 5 sets of Dingli vertical lifts to Philippines
Release time :May 08 , 2020
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At the beginning of 2019, Horizon Equipment expands its international market and gradually explore the layout in southeast Asia、the Middle East and East Africa. Horizon Equipment scope has exceeded 8 overseas countries, including Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam, South Korea, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and other countries.


In November 2019, Horizon Equipment joined forces with zhejiang Dingli, a well-known equipment supplier in China, to share resources.

In 2020, Horizon Equipment achieved the first order of overseas brand new machine agent sales business. Horizon Equipment provided the 5 sets of Dingli scissor lifts to Philippines.


It proves that Horizon Equipment has been gradually recognized by foreign customers, which is of great significance for improving.The company's overseas visibility and influence and promoting the development of overseas markets.

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