Shanghai Horizon Construction Development sign up with Airman
Release time :Apr 24 , 2020
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At 10 a.m. on April 1,2020,the signing ceremony was formally held in Shanghai songjiang fusheng AIRmann factory square.


Sun yat-sen, general manager of fasheng Airman, made a speech at the beginning. He said that since 2016, as one of the first users of fasheng Airman, Horizon Equipment has given fasheng a lot of help to successfully enter the Chinese market.In 2018, Horizon Equipment ordered another 100 sets of equipment, which gave fusheng Airman greater confidence in its products in the domestic market.


Today, fusheng Airman and Horizon Equipment contract again, will continue to provide Horizon Equipment in the next three years of the latest products.

Fusheng ehrman will regard Horizon Equipment as one of the most important partners, and according to the feedback of Horizon Equi[ment in use, continuously improve and improve the performance.

In the future, we hope that the two sides will cooperate sincerely to expand the market.


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